Trent Edwards

STRIVR Labs, Co-Founder and VP, Sports Training
Trent Edwards, the co-founder and VP of sports training at STRIVR Labs was born in Los Gatos, CA. He attended Stanford University from 2002 - 2006,  played in the NFL from 2007 - 2014, and has worked at STRIVR Labs since 2014. Edwards currently resides in Newport Beach, CA with his wife, Jenna, and son, Jet.
Edwards's passion for VR training stems from experiencing STRIVR in November of 2014 when his best friend from Stanford, STRIVR's CEO Derek Belch, showed him virtual reality content from the quarterback position on the football field. His background as a player and constant desire to improve interested him in VR and the endless possibilities and advantages of STRIVR. Edwards truly believes that STRIVR provides the ability to improve players' on-field performances through the power of VR reps.

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