Michael Bergeron

Panasonic, Senior Product Manager, Broadcast Camera Systems

Michael Bergeron is currently managing Panasonic’s growing broadcast studio system camera product line, having served many roles at Panasonic including four years as camera product engineer and four years as chief technologist for workflow. He has managed co-development projects with other U.S.-based technology companies over the years and is currently focused on developing Panasonic’s MoIP and live HDR production strategy. Bergeron has been involved with the production equipment business since joining Abel Cine in 1991, from technician to engineering director. He has been developing and supporting production gear from 16mm film to the expressP2, and has authored white papers and delivered technical presentations to SMPTE, The HPA, The Digital Cinema Society, SVG, and the National Association of Broadcasters including the camera chapter for the NAB engineering manual. Bergeron holds a B.S. in physics, an M.S. in EE, and is a member of the ATSC, HPA, and SMPTE.



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